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January 7, 2010

IGN praises Stumptown #2

"Rucka and Southworth's Portland crime series continues to impress. Stumptown is the quintessential Greg Rucka comic, complete with a strong, fully-formed female protagonist, a gripping crime plot, palpable noir atmosphere and razor sharp writing. Like so many of Rucka's heroines, Dex [Parios] seems like she can step right off the page into the real world...due to how brilliantly realized the character is.

Rucka bolsters his engrossing, masterfully crafted plot with some of the strongest, most human scenes I've read in a comic in some time.

In Southworth, Rucka has found, pardon the pun, the perfect partner in crime. Southworth does a lot of the heavy lifting in a number of key scenes, and each time he nails it with a subtlety and level of nuance you don't find too often in mainstream comics...Southworth also happens to be a brilliant storyteller. If that wasn't enough, his back-up article about his creative process and the nature of film vs. comics also happens to be incredibly insightful."

While you're scoping out comics, also keep an eye out for Rucka's BLACKEST NIGHT: Wonder Woman #2 and SUPERMAN: World of New Krypton #11 -- both out on stands today!

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