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January 4, 2010

Armadillos in the glossy pages

People magazine (January 11, 2010) pins three and one-half stars (out of 4) on James Hime's newest novel!

"When Sylvester Bradshaw, the ornery cuss who serves the best fried catfish in all of Texas, goes missing (along with his invention, a food de-toxifier) in the midst of an E. coli outbreak, it seems every eccentric in town is a suspect. With the local sheriff sidelined by rumors about his amourous inadequacies, it is left to the rueful retired Ranger Jeremiah Spur to sort the truly evil from the hilariously greedy. But the true star of this hoot in hardcover is author Hime and his mastery of Texas colloquialisms As the whodunit's pages rapidly turn, readers will savor every 'Do what now?'"

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