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June 30, 2010

A quick rave for SO COLD THE RIVER

"Michael Koryta's novel is being compared to the writings of Stephen King and Peter Straub. He lives up to the comparison in this dark novel." - USA Today

June 21, 2010

Beneath the dome

The New Yorker visits Indiana for the West Baden Springs Hotel experience, Pluto Water not included.

In D. C., The Washington Post feels the chill. "[T]he material is so fresh and the characters so appealing that my interest never flagged. After reading it, I'm sticking to good old D.C. tap water. "

SO COLD THE RIVER also gets a nice write up in Australian paper The Age.

June 18, 2010

Stefanie Pintoff brings Det. Ziele to Texas

Join Edgar Award-winning author Stefanie Pintoff in Houston tomorrow (Saturday) night for a discussion about her critically-acclaimed Detective Ziele series. She'll be at Murder by the Book at 5 pm.

And, if you're in North Texas, no worries! You can meet Pintoff at the West Plano Barnes & Noble on Monday, 7 pm.

The just-released second book, A CURTAIN FALLS, has garnered critical praise, such as this rave review from Oline H. Cogdill (Sun Sentinel):

"In her second novel, Stefanie Pintoff shows how the best in historical fiction not only unveils our past, but shows how our modern concerns evolved. Her comparison to Caleb Carr is well earned, although Pintoff shows a wider range and deeper affinity for storytelling than the author of "The Alienist."

Pintoff's meticulous research captures the heart of the era but her detailed characters and gripping plot about greed, jealousy and obsession for fame set "A Curtain Falls" on a higher plane. Pintoff nails the historical aspects with aplomb while giving close attention to characters. The people who inhabit "A Curtain Falls" give glimpses into how New Yorkers lived at the turn of the 20th century."

June 15, 2010

All Things Considered dips into haunted waters

NPR has posted Michele Norris' conversation with Michael Koryta. Listen to the intriguing story here.

You can also read an excerpt and hear "Short Trip Home", the Joshua Bell song that shaped this chilling story.

Also up is a review in Entertainment Weekly:

"well-plotted...Michael Koryta, the author of first-rate Midwest-set mysteries, swigs from the fount of Stephen King with So Cold the River — much of the story takes place in a resort hotel รก la The Shining"

Swierczynski's new deal at Little, Brown!

"Mulholland Books launches in Spring 2011 with novels by the famed L.A. prosecutor Marcia Clark and mystery grandmaster Lawrence Block, new novels by UK prizewinners Mark Billingham and Michael Robotham, a trilogy of novels by Marvel Comics writer Duane Swierczynski to be published over five months, a border thriller by L.A. Times veteran Sebastian Rotella, and a trade paperback gathering of Daniel Woodrell’s legendary Bayou Trilogy of novels set in St. Bruno Parish, Louisiana. Future lists will include novels by rising stars Charlie Huston and others. The plan is for Mulholland to grow to 24 books a year, one hardcover and one paperback a month, by 2012."

As Spinetingler says, "it’s going to kick some ass"!

"major Marvel mutant moment"

More preview art from X-MEN (Victor Gischler and Paco Medina) posted on LA Times' blog Hero Complex.

June 14, 2010

Calling all Houstonites

Murder by the Book is hosting Michael Koryta's visit to Texas tomorrow:

June 15, 6:30 p.m.
2342 Bissonet Street

Go hear about his newest thriller SO COLD THE RIVER, and get your own autographed copy.

To top it all off, BookingMama reports that he is "cute and funny...I have to say that SO COLD THE RIVER is not my usual book fare, but I LOVED IT! I think I read this book (which is over 500 pages) in less than 24 hours! I didn't want put it down, and there actually came a time when I couldn't put it down.
Mr. Koryta actually brought these small towns in Indiana to life, and after reading this novel, I will forever think of French Lick as more than just Larry Byrd's hometown!"

Visit Michael Koryta's blog for some more nice coverage in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and The Boston Herald.

Be sure to tune into tomorrow's edition of "All Things Considered" on NPR, where Michelle Norris will be interviewing him.

UPDATE: Koryta also chats with LA Times' blog Jacket Copy about summer reads.

June 10, 2010

The Hulk has returned

Issue synopsis: Three years of epic storytelling explodes as Greg Pak and Paul Pelletier bring you the biggest conclusion imaginable--SKAAR, SON OF HULK, finally confronts the father who abandoned him at birth in pain and fire. It's the heartrending, senses-shattering climax to WORLD WAR HULKS--and the Incredible Hulks will never be the same! (INCREDIBLE HULK #611, August 11, 2010)

But, never fear, Greg Pak has a plan!

June 9, 2010

Gischler heralds The Heroic Age

"Marvel is proud to present your first look at the extra-sized DEATH OF DRACULA #1, beginning the biggest changes in the Marvel Universe since Civil War!

Acclaimed writer Victor Gischler and rising star artist Giuseppe Camuncoli enter the Heroic Age by killing one of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous villains.

But just why does this put the future of the Marvel Universe at stake? Find out in Death of Dracula #1!" (On sale June 30)

Tune in to BlogTalkRadio now

For more of Michael's great music recommendations, visit the NY Times' Paper Cuts blog or Largehearted Boy.

Pick up the perfect summer book today

Available online and in stores today, SO COLD THE RIVER is the literary vacation you're looking for!

In her NY Times Sunday Book Review, Marilyn Stasio agrees wholeheartedly.

"If all good mysteries make ideal summer reading, what does a mystery fan turn to for true escape? How about a super­natural mystery that intensifies the suspense by thickening the atmosphere.

SO COLD THE RIVER (Little, Brown, $24.99), by Michael Koryta, is a superior specimen, with its eerie tale of a lovely valley in Indiana where at one time an elixir known as Pluto Water bubbled up from the underground springs. The restoration of the valley’s two old spa hotels attracts the interest of a cinematographer from Chicago who drinks the water and starts having visions...Koryta sets a beautiful scene, resplendent with dreamy images."

June 8, 2010

And the nominees for the Macavity Award are...

Reed Farrel Coleman, Ken Bruen and Stefanie Pintoff continue to shine!

Just last Friday, we found out that they're nominated for the 2010 Anthony Award, and now they have also been shortlisted for the Macavity Award:

TOWER is in the running for Best Mystery Novel.

IN THE SHADOW OF GOTHAM is nominated for Best Historical.

Congratulations all around!

Presenting "The Curse of the Mutants"

"Marvel is proud to present your first look at X-Men #1 from the red-hot creative team of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina."

Feast your eyes on these preview pages of the first X-Men #1 in 2 decades!

Elizabeth Somer has the top 10 foods to wake you up

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Recap from Murder by the Book

Check out these funny videos of Duane Swierczynski, Lisa Brackmann, and Victor Gischler's booksigning in Houston last weekend:

UPDATE: Scott D. Parker gives us a glimpse of the jackpot at Do Some Damage.

Koryta is a "Born storyteller"

Bestselling thriller writer Jason Pinter says "So Cold the River is a breathtaking departure from Koryta's crime novels, upping the plotting and characterization skills that Koryta has displayed through five books...The result is a gripping, terrifying, and sometimes astonishing read."

Pinter's BEA interview with Koryta is up at The Huffington Post.

Live Chat with Michael Koryta tomorrow, 1 pm ET

A note from Miriam Parker (top-notch publicist at Little, Brown):

I will be chatting live with Michael Koryta on the Little, Brown channel of BlogTalkRadio on the publication date of SO COLD THE RIVER, June 9th at 1PM ET.

I would love for you to participate! You can call in with a question to (646) 378-0040.
You can listen to the show live online or via the phone at the call-in number (if you just want to listen, tell the screener that you are “just listening”.)

There will also be an archived edition of the show up on the Little, Brown channel of BlogTalkRadio about 30 minutes after the show ends.

If you’d like to RSVP for the event or get a reminder for your Outlook calendar, click here.

June 4, 2010

The Globe and Mail commends Stefanie Pintoff

"Stefanie Pintoff's debut, In the Shadow of Gotham, won two major first novel awards. This sequel is even better.

It's the early 20th century. Former New York police partners Simon Ziele and Declan Mulvaney have taken very different paths. Ziele relocated to rural Dobson, where he can solve crime without facing the violence of the city. Mulvaney, in Gotham, glories in the most violent crimes. But when a showgirl dies onstage, he's stumped and calls on his old partner for help.

Pintoff seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of early criminal investigation, and fits it all into an excellent plot. "

Show 'em some Texas lovin'

If you're in Houston tomorrow (Saturday), get to Murder by the Book at 5 pm.

Critically-acclaimed writers Swierczy and The Gisch will be signing books and sharing their wisdom about crime novels, smart-ass mutant heroes, and damn good beer.

In the meantime, BSC Reviews has beautiful preview pages of two DEADPOOL issues available on June 9:

DEADPOOL CORPS #3, from Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld

Issue Synopsis – “WHAT’S THAT, DOGPOOL? WADE WILSON’S TRAPPED IN THE WELL?” No Deadpool Left Behind? Oops. With so many Deadpools to keep track of, I suppose we can understand that our pal Wade might accidentally leave one on the last planet where the Corps fueled up the Bea Arthur and stocked up on hot pockets. But the Corps has bigger worries, specifically an alien fleet of, well, aliens. Aliens with proton blasters and cluster-nukes, aliens who work for the bad guy cosmic uber-mind.

DEADPOOL: Wade Wilson’s War #1, from Duane Swierczynski and Jason Pearson

Issue Synopsis – “THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK” You’ve seen Deadpool in countless (and we mean countless) comics before — but never like this. Really. Want answers about Deadpool? Like why does he refuse to remove his weird red-and-black mask? Why does he only answer to the name “Deadpool?” Was he really part of a black bag special ops team that nobody has ever heard of? Were his teammates really given names like “Bulllseye,” “Silver Sable” and “Domino”? What did Wilson know, and when did he know it? A bloody massacre in Sinaloa, Mexico has left hundreds dead and disgraced soldier Wade Wilson has a LOT of explaining to do.

UPDATE: Swierczy and The Gisch will also be hitting up BookPeople in Austin on Sunday!

Anthony Award nominations

TOWER has been nominated for Best Paperback Original,


IN THE SHADOW OF GOTHAM is up for Best First Novel

Much deserved congratulations to Reed Farrel Coleman, Ken Bruen, and Stefanie Pintoff!

June 1, 2010

So Cold the River is a Best Book of June!'s editors pick Michael Koryta's newest thriller as a must-read!

“[SO COLD THE RIVER is] spellbinding and check-your-doors-and-windows scary, and it all begins with a check and a bottle of water. At its deliciously creepy core, So Cold the River is about two men facing down their demons, and what happens when those demons fight back.

Recommended for fans of Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill and Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane”

Check out Michael Koryta's chat with Deb Smouse at Everything Girl, and Koryta's blog for more lovin' from the Australia's Men's Fitness magazine, The Chicago Sun-Times, The St. Petersburg Times and Cape Cod Times.