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January 6, 2010

Dex in part deux

Take a break today with preview pages of STUMPTOWN #2.

"in this second issue Rucka gets to introduce us to some of the more peripheral characters in Dex’s life, and spend some time developing the characters. It’s all great character stuff, and Rucka executes it beautifully, with very three dimensional characters, natural sounding dialogue, and some genuine emotional moments.

Greg Rucka is great at taking a character and fleshing them out until they feel like a real person. I think that’s part of what makes his writing so good, because once the readers feels like they know the character, they start to live the story with them – they experience every up and down, and every trial and tribulation.

Matthew Southworth provides us with another issue of gorgeous artwork, which I think is actually better than the art in issue #1.

Stumptown #2 is a wonderful follow-up to an explosive debut issue. I don’t normally review both the first and second issues of a series, but after reading Stumptown #2, I felt like I had to let people know just how great this comic is! This is crime comics done right, with interesting cases, a suspenseful plot, and believable characters. This is an essential purchase for fans of crime fiction, and your pull-list is incomplete without it!" ★★★★★
- Edward Kaye, Hypergeek

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