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September 14, 2006

¿Se Habla Español?

Brush up on your second language or read it in your native tongue. It's the new Spanish language edition of Bill Minutaglio’s THE PRESIDENT’S COUNSELOR: THE RISE TO POWER OF ALBERTO GONZALES aka EL ASESOR DEL PRESIDENTE: EL ASCENSO AL PODER DE ALBERTO GONZALES.

The original Swierczynski-cast

Be the first kid in class to listen to the inner workings of the mind of crime mastah Duane "Schooly D" Swierczynski, brought to you by the podcasting pioneers responsible for this portable audio candy: Behind the Black Mask and Out of the Past.

Oooh La La...

Its like Netflix for used CDs! How about this for a cool and responsible way to trade music? And the company says that 20% of each transaction fee will be forwarded to the original artist or to a nonprofit legal foundation that provides health care funding, legal services and other support to musicians. Guys, can we talk about adding used books to your business model?

September 13, 2006

September 12, 2006

The people have spoken

Congrats to Greg Rucka for his Barry award-nominated novel PRIVATE WARS hitting the Seattle Mystery Bookshop's August 2006 bestseller list -- and the mass market of A GENTLEMAN'S GAME on their bestselling paperbacks of 2005.

September 11, 2006

The love fest continues

Publisher's Weekly also shined its light on Sean Doolittle's newest one:

“The unlikely tale of an unsuccessful cop, a cute grocery check-out girl and her dead boyfriend gives Doolittle (Rain Dogs) plenty to chew on in his latest crime novel…. Doolittle has penned a character-driven yet suspenseful novel about choice and consequence, with a well-crafted lead and a narrative style that’s punchy and sincere. Though Worth’s motivation is sometimes unclear (even, at times, to himself), readers looking for a tense crime drama—hold the procedure—will enjoy getting inside the head of this well-meaning sad sack.”

And in more review news, find out why James Clar thinks this book "is a flat out pleasure to read.”

It's good to be loved

Today’s issue of Publisher’s Weekly begins a beautiful friendship with a certain BLONDE.

Swierczynski chronicles a long, frenzied and near-fatal night in Philadelphia…Rapid-fire pacing, hard-boiled dialogue and excellent local color make up for the unlikely twists and turns of this entertaining thriller.”

September 10, 2006

Sad news from where we come from

This site dedicated to the section of downtown Dallas known as Deep Ellum. With its unique history, historic buildings and legendary live music scene, it was always a fun walk on the wild side. Our office was there for six great years and we were proud to call it home. We shared space in this building at 2528 Elm Street.

So this news last week of the shuttering of two pioneering downtown restaurants, including The Green Room in Deep Ellum, broke our hearts a little.

September 7, 2006

Hope for those manic Mondays

Dr. John Maxwell is a believer. Check out his generous review of innovation guru Andrew Razeghi's inspiring new book, HOPE: HOW TRIUMPHANT LEADERS CREATE THE FUTURE.

Schwegel nets a star

lKirkus Starred Review


Author: Schwegel, Theresa
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur
Publication Date: 1/2/2007
Category: FICTION

"What Schwegel's second novel (after Officer Down, 2005) might lack in innovation it makes up for with convincing local color and the winning depiction of Weiss. Hotheaded, hormonal, yet vulnerable and eager to please, the 23-year-old's bright future in the genre seems inevitable. Solidly writtencoming-of-age tale with an endearing and believable hero."
l A star is assigned to books of unusual merit, determined by the editors of Kirkus Reviews.

September 6, 2006

The Gischler gets some love

Here is a dead on review of Victor Gischler's new thriller SHOTGUN OPERA. The unique style really does set our man Gischler apart. And not only just his books are cool. Find out about more unique things here.

That's Executive Editor Kelley Ragland to you

Good word on the street is that editor extraordinaire (and proud alumna of our beloved alma mater Kenyon College) Kelley Ragland has been promoted to executive editor of St. Martin's Minotaur. Way to go, Kelley. Keep up the great work. Now try catching up on your reading.

The online Madness of Emerson LaSalle

Sports Fans, be sure you don't miss this one: Count Pulpula: the online Zone of Emerson LaSalle

September 3, 2006

Welcome to the DHS Literary blog

Inspired by the ongoing greatness of Swierczynski's secret dead blog, I've decided to take a real leap into the blogosphere (does anyone even call it that anymore - is that term too 2005?) . I’m not going to bore the world with my own journal-keeping, but rather dedicate this space to doing what I love to do. That is, connecting my favorite people with other people, and exchanging and linking to a bunch of information about books, music, movies, and of course, food and drink, along with whatever else strikes my fancy. Along the way, I hope to provide a forum to talk about all the incredibly cool goings on of the DHS crew and our associated friends and loved ones. Thanks for stopping by to check it out. Please come back early and often.