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September 23, 2010

Swierczynski takes on the Black Widow!

"Black Widow #6 is probably the most intense jumping-on point I’ve experienced in my comic-reading experience so far this year, and it’s earned its place in my heart for many a reason... it won me over as soon as I read its first page.

The way that Swierczynski manages to have readers looking one way while he lobs a rather nonchalant curve in the opposite direction is a skill that many-a-writer, selling double the numbers, have yet to master, yet Duane makes it look simple... Swierczynski & Garcia purposefully leave readers not just wanting to know more, but needing to.

Between the exciting story and effective art by Manuel Garcia I only have one question: Why aren’t you reading it?"

- Alternate Reality Comics

September 22, 2010

More love for Moe

Bookgasm is thrilled that "Reed Farrel Coleman’s Moe Prager is back, folks...INNOCENT MONSTER is another masterfully written descent into Prager’s world of regret and most of the Prager series, it is utterly compelling and nearly impossible to put aside. So INNOCENT MONSTER is highly recommended for those willing to take a stroll down the darker side of human nature, with Coleman and Prager as your guide."

September 8, 2010

Gay Comic Book Character Hall of Fame

Flavorwire showcases significant gay characters in mainstream comics, and includes the best-selling BATWOMAN:

"Kate Kane’s Batwoman has, due in no small part to the stellar writing of Greg Rucka, become a well-rounded and intensely interesting character"

September 3, 2010

The summer Mystery Scene

Michael Koryta is the cover boy for Mystery Scene magazine's summer issue (#115).

Swing by your local bookseller for a copy today. Inside is Kevin Burton Smith's article "Michael Koryta: Take Me to the River" and Lynn Kaczmarek's write-up of "Stefanie Pintoff: In Old New York".

September 1, 2010

Gischler's chart-topper

CBR has a great interview with Victor Gischler, author of crime novels and "X-Men #1 – the only single issue to notch over 100,000 copies in sales estimates [in July] – which kick-started the heavily promoted 'Curse of the Mutants' storyline."

Amie Streater tells it like it is

"[A] straightforward approach to helping believers get out of debt. [Amie Streater] encourages living in light of God's abundance, not in overindulgence, and growing God's kingdom through sound financial practices. Speaking with integrity and with the wisdom of experience, she advises readers, shattering money myths and replacing them with sound biblical teaching in personal finance.

Your Money God's Way is a practical guide on how to reflect Christ to others through debt reduction, budgeting, tithing, giving and a financially responsible lifestyle. Heartfelt stories, scripture and practical application encourage personal growth."
- Christian Retailing