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January 6, 2010

Hitting up the comics

Keep up with Hope. She's one of the Ten for '10.

"For the past two years, writer Duane Swierczynski has sent the young mutant Hope hurtling across time and space in the pages of CABLE. In the far future, Hope and Cable battled against murderous monsters, the Brood and an obsessed fellow time-jumper intent on ending their lives. But all of that will prove just child's play compared to the current 'Homecoming' arc, which finally returns the pair to the present and kicks off the final chapter in the Messiah trilogy."

Find out more in the Tuesday Q&A with Duane yesterday. Cable #22, the second installment of Homecoming, is out today.

And in other delightful comic news, now you can get your Punisher fix in one shot! The trade paperback hits shelves on January 13.

"[Victor] Gischler's Punisher is terrific," Garth Ennis says, "More of this sort of thing, please."

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