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December 17, 2009

Hulk on top

Greg Pak's PLANET HULK is one of Comics Should Be Good's "Top 100 Storylines"!

"Planet Hulk was an interesting idea for a storyline in that it tried to finally address the whole "Hulk just want to be left alone" idea. In Planet Hulk, the Illuminati (led by Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Doctor Strange) decided that it would be best if they finally DID put Hulk somewhere where he could be left alone. So they tricked him on to a spacecraft headed for a peaceful uninhabited planet....

Greg Pak did a very impressive job setting up this epic storyline slowly, and he did an especially cool piece of work developing Hulk's "Warbound" compatriots.

The art was strong, from a number of different artists.

The story ends with a cliffhanger leading into the follow-up crossover, World War Hulk (as Hulk gets his revenge)."

And, selects ROBOT STORIES for their "20 Greatest SF Movies of the Past Decade"!

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