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December 29, 2009

Prepare to get goosebumps

David J. Montgomery (Chicago Sun-Times) calls Tom Piccirilli's newest book "one of the most chilling thrillers of the year... Shadow Season is an intriguing story of isolation and violence with a haunted man at its center.

Piccirilli uses Shadow Season’s unusual setting to ratchet up the tension, telling a story that is simple, but nevertheless very suspenseful. He also does a convincing job of portraying the life of a man who can’t see, adding a unique and inviting twist to what is already an exciting plot."

Author Brian Keene also saluted the thriller, naming it one of his Top 10 of 2009:

"Piccirilli is skilled at writing dark crime ... [Shadow Season has] a sinister, creepy undertone running throughout the book that will certainly leave the reader squirming. Piccirilli’s prose is as poetic as ever, and he does a remarkable job of 'seeing' through the main character’s eyes."

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