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December 30, 2009

3 cheers for Piccirilli

BSC Reviews gave multiple nods to THE COLDEST MILE and SHADOW SEASON when listing their cream of the crime crop:

"I dug The Coldest Mile from beginning to end. A fun, fast-paced piece of noir from a writer who’s becoming one of crime fiction’s premiere stylists." - Keith Rawson

"With his searing prose and organic approach to storytelling, Tom Piccirilli has been kicking ass in the crime genre for a few years now. With this year’s Shadow Season, he truly came into his own, letting the crime world know that he is unafraid to take a horrible situation to its natural conclusion without blinking or pulling a single punch." - The Nerd of Noir

"Piccirilli’s embrace of the crime genre has been a match made in heaven, providing a good fit for some his reccurring themes and motifs. With Shadow Season Piccirilli came in to his own as a mystery writer, took it to a new level, and it shows." - Brian Lindenmuth

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