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November 3, 2009

Stumptown Investigations is open for business

HyperGeek has a 5 page preview of STUMPTOWN, which debuts tomorrow!

"I have been looking forward to Stumptown since I first got wind of the project, as I’m a huge fan of Greg Rucka’s writing, particularly his creator owned work like Whiteout and Queen & Country, and I’m glad to say that Rucka does not disappoint on this fantastic new title!

Dex is incredibly compelling as the female lead, and is one of Greg Rucka’s stronger creations. The plot of the story is exceptionally gripping, with brilliant pacing, and filled with intense drama and thrilling suspense. The dialogue in the issue felt really natural, and you could forget at moments that these are not real people!

The inked artwork on the issue is by Matthew Southworth, and is coloured by Lee Loughridge. Southworth’s artwork is inked really beautifully, with thick, confident brushstrokes that give the book a very dark and moody atmosphere. Louridge’s colour work is equally impressive, and adds a serene, almost dreamlike quality to the art.

Stumptown #1 is a fantastic debut issue for what looks like it is going to be an incredible new series. Greg Rucka has created another classic comic here that is sure to please fans both old and new. This comic just blew me away, and words fail to convey just how much I enjoyed it. If you are a fan of Rucka’s work on Whiteout, Queen & Country, or even Detective Comics, you’re going to love this new unmissable crime thriller!"

BSCReview is also a big fan:

"Stumptown is off to an auspicious start, and if it continues on the trajectory started here, then it could become one of the better crime comic books on the market. Lord knows we could certainly use a great PI title.

Southworth’s art is new to me, but he nails the dusky atmosphere with a slightly rough, not fully polished sketchbook-like quality that adds some necessary grit and grime to the story.

Each case of the series will encompass four issues. Rucka has a track record; you already know he’s the shit. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the ground level with what promises to be a great crime comic series."


Pulp Tone said...

I actually bought and loved this comic. Ended up reviewing it on my site and for

DHS Literary, Inc. said...

Pulp Tone: Thanks for the love. Looks like you have some neat projects going on too!