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November 11, 2009

New release from a food guru

Exclusive note from EAT YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS author, Elizabeth Somer:

Most people realize there is a link between what they eat and their physical health. We know that a diet packed with saturated fat can, over the years, lead to heart disease, colon cancer and even dementia. Or that a diet low in other nutrients, calcium for example, can lead to problems like bone loss and osteoporosis. But fascinating research done over the past twenty years has shown us that there’s also a real link between what we eat and how we feel—emotionally and mentally. I first reported on this in my book Food & Mood, published in 1995. In the fifteen years since that book was published, the research has continued to evolve and grow, which led me to write my latest and most exciting book to date, EAT YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS.

The evidence is so strong in these studies that I’ve now completely changed the way I eat and how I counsel others to. For example, in recent years a wealth of new research has uncovered a strong link between our intake of the omega-3 fat DHA and a reduced risk for depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And vitamin D, once thought to be important only for maintaining strong bones, has now been linked to reducing winter blues. While eating right to feel your best is a style of eating, not just a food here and there, it is now clear that dotting a good diet with certain super mood foods can have a profound effect on how fast we think, how clearly we remember and how happy we are throughout the day. And that’s what EAT YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS will help you achieve.

If you follow the guidelines in this book, you will start to see immediate improvement in your mood, and you’ll discover the happiness that comes with eating well. (And as an added bonus, you’ll also lose those extra pounds!). I can’t tell you how often people, after following the advice in my book, have told me, "I never knew I could feel this good!" Now you can, too.

Elizabeth Somer

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