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November 13, 2009

Starting to think of stocking stuffers?

Jill Thompson's delightfully zany MAGIC TRIXIE series would be great for the kiddos.

Booklist says "Thompson’s colorful art showing dragon Abby gleefully tearing up the house will have young readers laughing, and they’ll cheer Trixie’s solution to her problems.”

The Graphic Classroom is also a huge fan:

“From the candy-hued watercolors, to the adorable characters, to the sweet and witty story, MAGIC TRIXIE is a delight all around. Magic Trixie herself is a very bright, mischievous bundle of energy with a knack for getting in trouble and her friends are cute, cuddly takes on classic monsters with personalities that could easily belong to real, live children. The adult characters feel so real that I wonder if Thompson modeled them on her own friends and family. Young readers will relate to the relationships and family dynamics in the story and laugh out loud at the craziness. Thompson’s watercolors are truly stunning; she’s a master at mixing words and pictures seamlessly into a compelling story. I can’t recommend MAGIC TRIXIE highly enough – it’s jumped straight into my top ten all-ages comics of all time.”

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