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February 13, 2009

More rave reviews

Dick Adler is still thinking about ENVY THE NIGHT, "that rarest of literary creatures: a standalone thriller that you hope will generate a series."

Readers should "rush out to obtain it, and then lock yourself in a room until you finish reading the thing."

In DON'T LET IT BE TRUE, "[Jo] Barrett portrays the Texas oil elite with a nice balance of pathos and humor as fully dimensional characters, unexpected plot twists, and clever dialogue make for a hard-to-put-down novel. The author of This Is How It Happened (Not a Love Story) [2008] has once again proven to be a master storyteller." - Shelley Mosley, Booklist

"Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse is a unique science fiction account that’s as gory as it is funny. Gischler’s wild imagination astounds page after impressive work" - John T. Battaglia, Philadelphia Examiner

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