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February 20, 2009

Doolittle's suburban funhouse

Check out Doolittle's chat with Gerald So, Jamie Engle and Jim Winter, and his Q&A in the March issue of Details magazine.

SAFER is "a suspenseful and immediately engrossing story. Doolittle takes the fears that drive people to Suburbia, the secrets that hide behind closed doors and twists them all through a funhouse mirror and gives us THE nightmare scenario.

The strengths of Sean Doolittle’s body of work have always been clearly on display. From Dirt on through to The Cleanup he’s sanded away the rough edges and pushed those strengths into greater relief so that they are now showcased front and center. Not only is Safer a continuation of this trend upward but it shows Doolittle’s growth as an artist and stylist and a willingness to push himself in to new areas with extraordinary results." (

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