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February 6, 2009

Just look at these beautiful covers

Booklist has the warm fuzzies for Sullivan and Piccirilli's newest books:

"Terrorism meets reality TV. [Mark T. Sullivan's] Triple Cross is crisply written, breathlessly paced, almost-addictive page-turner."

"Piccirilli’s latest book [THE COLDEST MILE] strips away the occult overtones associated with some of his earlier works (The Night Class won the 2002 Stoker Award) and jumps full bore into hard-boiled crime writing. This guy evokes Jim Thompson and David Goodis in the way he flays away at our illusions that there is comfort to be found in the human condition. What Piccirilli’s masterfully realized protagonist gambles is his last remaining glimmer of dignity—a commodity he isn’t sure he needs or even wants. It’s pedal to the metal...Don’t miss it."

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