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February 18, 2009

Comic relief

For Black History Month, Library Journal features the street lit of HIGH ROLLERS, written by Gary Phillips and illustrated by Sergio Carrera. The four-issue comic series follows the rise of Los Angeles gangster Quinn, whom Phillips describes as "a conflicted, flawed, contradictory character. It’s not about the bling; it’s about who this guy is and his world."

Mike Fish over at hails "the triumphant return of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT...Swierczynski springs the net, and captures the reader into this intriguing mystery like a raccoon stuck in a trash dumpster...magnetically written. With so many werewolf books on the shelf, it would seem hard for Swierczynski to stand out. But he does, like a full moon on fire. Words were never so right for a werewolf. DEAD OF NIGHT: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT with writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Mico Suayan is a werewolf tale that will hook anyone that dares read it."

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