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June 22, 2009

In a fever

"Having just read Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, I can honestly say that THE FEVER KILL puts me in the mind of that kind of book, and Piccirilli's writing is as fine, and maybe finer, than McCarthy's.

The Fever Kill is just as deeply layered with moral ambiguities, just as peopled with characters trapped in orbits out of which they can't or won't break free. Riding along with Crease in his Mustang, revisiting old haunts, old grudges, old flames--none of which is the same, yet all of which is the same--evokes that same sense of desperation and inevitability all great noir writing aspires to.

Piccirilli's horror credentials remain as an underlying current threaded between the traditional noir themes handled masterfully by a writer at the top of his game. Sardonic and sparse, there is simply no fat on these bones.... Perhaps the Coen Brothers should come calling."
– W.D. Gagliani, Cemetery Dance issue #60

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