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June 29, 2009

Beloved by BookPeople

Over the weekend, we hopped down to Austin and stopped by the very cool, independent bookstore BookPeople. We were delighted to see that they're digging Team DHS. Thanks go out to Scott M. for the reviews!

WHEELMAN: "Great action and hardboiled prose fuel this tale of a mute Irish getaway driver at war with the Philly mob after a botched robbery. With a mix of twisting plot, dark humor, and touch of pathos, Swierczynski delivers a great throwback to the 50s era crime novel with modern style.
If you liked this book, check out THE HUNTER and any Parker book by Richard Stark."

SEVERANCE PACKAGE: "The Office meets Grand Theft Auto when a group of white-collars go in for a special meeting to learn their company has been the front for a terminated black-ops project and they have to die. The black humor and body count pile up as everybody uses their office politics to survive in this tale from the modern master of pulp.
If you liked this book, check out GUN MONKEYS by Victor Gischler."

THE BLONDE: "The book opens with The Blonde telling our hero he's been poisoned, then things get worse. Our everyman has to deal with government conspiracies, assassins, and deadly experiments, finding out The Blonde could be his best ally in this fun throwback to the Gold Medal paperback thrillers of the 50s with modern twists and a wicked ending."

DAMN NEAR DEAD: "One of my my favorite crime anthologies with noir tales featuring the over sixty set. Tough, funny, and compassionate, from Steve Brewer's stone cold criminal coming out of retirement to Jason Starr's retirement home love triangle, these stories show that only the most hardboiled survive aging."

GUN MONKEYS: "Not only does it boast one of the best opening paragraphs about a severed head, this funny, shameless piece of high body count, tough guy pulp, about a hitman without a boss, moves breakneck to one of the craziest conclusions. Gischler takes many of the hardboiled standards and makes them fresh again"

GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE: "Cormac McCarthy may have won the Pulitzer with his apocalypse, but did he have a well-armed, insurance salesman, survival fo the Jack Daniels distillery and lethal go-go dancers? Gischler packs action, black humor, and social commentary into this lean and mean tale, delivering one smart piece of pulp.
If you liked this book, check out the work of Joe Lansdale"

THE CLEANUP: "This funny, wild, sometimes violent tale kicks in a disgraced cop helps the check-out girl of his dreams dispose of her abusive boyfriend's body, but the trouble really starts when a bunch of really bad guys go looking for the loot the boyfriend was holding. The humor, vivid characters, and mundane look at crime reminded me of early eighties Elmore Leonard."

SAFER: "Sean Doolittle is finally getting his due with this tale of a couple that cross the "ruler" of the cul-de-sac, resulting in a frame-up, murder, and uncovering of a past crime. The story uses the relatable tension between neighbors and spouses as a foundation for suspense, with Doolittle demonstrating a master's technique of revealing information for one hell of a read."

THE JAMES DEANS: "The third and pivotal book in the Moe Prager series. Moe looks into the disappearance of a young female political aide to clear a senator's reputation, but the answers bring up more questions concerning a serial killer, an old gang and an old murder. Coleman is able to take you on a dark ride while holding onto humanity with the poignancy and depth of character we expect of him.
If you liked this book, check out BLACK MAPS by Peter Spiegelman"

EMPTY EVER AFTER: "The fifth and possible darkest of the Moe Prager series has someone from his past cases messing with his family. He turns up the villians and survivors of the four other books, discovering the changes in them and demons in himself. An emotionally rough read you get from gutsy writing."

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