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May 28, 2009

Shortlisted for the summer

Greg Pak's SKAAR is top-notch summer reading.

Ain't It Cool News is excited that "now we get to see the Jolly Green Giant’s Lil’ Sprout tussle with the FF, She-Hulk, Norman Osborn, and allllmost take part in a slugfest with his father. Writer Greg Pak keeps this story moving at a brisk pace. He touches all of the bases in terms of plot. And in the end, this was probably the best gamma powered comic from Pak since PLANET HULK."

"Pak's handle on the characters, especially his usage of the FF makes for some great comic book reading.... This issue certainly has me excited." -

Although Carrie Stetko, the lead in Greg Rucka's WHITEOUT, is no hulking monster, she's just as tough. The cool hunters at couldn't agree more, especially when Kate Beckinsale takes on the role.

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