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February 1, 2010

Two-fisted action

Punisher scribes Duane Swierczynski and Victor Gischler get some lovin' from Rod Lott (Bookgasm):

"Okay, it’s official: The Punisher is my favorite character in comics, and if he weren’t there already, then PUNISHER: FRANK CASTLE — SIX HOURS TO KILL would’ve pushed him there. It’s an all-out, hard-R crime tale that’s dripping in black humor and red blood, illustrated by Michel Lacombe, who does not hold back.

My enthusiasm extends to PUNISHER: FRANK CASTLE — WELCOME TO THE BAYOU, a Southern-fried adventure from novelist Victor Gischler and artist Goran Parlov, who draws humans getting chomped in half by alligators like no other.

BAYOU is both horrifying and hilarious, as Gischler doesn’t dare pull back on the reins. Same goes for the collection’s one-off tale, also from his savage pen, “Little Black Book”"

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