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February 19, 2010

Girls with Dreams go for The Scoop

Girls With Dreams has a wonderfully candid review, by a teen girl:

"[Dr. Jennifer Ashton's THE BODY SCOOP FOR GIRLS is] a great book for girls who don’t talk to their mom, who don’t like to talk about this stuff, or who don’t have anyone to talk to. I think girls can be embarrassed about some stuff and sometimes just simply reading about it and knowing you’re not alone make things better.

I think the author did a good job and giving examples of girls she has talked with and not being like a mom and more of “here is what is best, you don’t have to do what I say but this is what I think you should do” It’s not a book all about telling, it’s more about advising. It’s not only a book teens can read, but adults can read it too, I’m sure they can learn something from it, plus they can see exactly what teens are going through."

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