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January 8, 2008

Sweet start to the new year

Publishers Weekly gives a fabulous, starred review to a fabulous book: THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED, by Jo Barrett.
"[A] very funny second novel… readers can’t resist cheering [Maddy] on as she experiments with poisoned brownies and retribution spells. Help comes from an unlikely source, a memorable hit man who provides a juicy cherry on the top of a creamy, dreamy revenge treat."

Here are some other delicious treats that came in over the holiday:

"[Theresa Schwegel is] gaining ground as one of the most compelling young authors in a highly competitive genre." - USA Today

"a poignant and gripping tale. The story centers on the human aspects in a highly charged and moving story… Person of Interest is a superb follow-up... It portends even better things to come, and is highly recommended.” - Theodore Feit

"Sandom’s strength lies in the verve of his story, with writing that has both muscle, in its pacing and violence, and a measure of brains... [THE WAVE is a] story with enough manic energy to be worthy of a nuclear explosion and enough to render moot any structural weaknesses in its architecture." - Kirkus Discoveries

"It’s rare that I read a book in one sitting anymore these days. But occasionally, a book reaches out, grabs me by the lapels, and says Finish me. Finish me or I will cut you. It is my great pleasure to inform you, with a slight quaver in my voice and a quick glance over my shoulder, that Victor Gischler’s Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse is just such a book. This is a novel that makes On Chesil Beach seem like an embarrassing waste of your time."

"I'm eagerly anticipating [Duane Swierczynski's] run on 'Cable.' If Swierczynski's novels are any indication, 'Cable' should be chock full of amazing action, fascinating characters, and some bizarre and hilarious situations." - Dave Richards, Comic Book Resources

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