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December 20, 2007

"Shot of pure pleasure"

FAST COMPANY magazine selects THE RIDDLE, by Andrew Razeghi, as one of its "Smart Books" for 2008.

On the fiction side, Ed Gorman compares Swierczy to McBain, and calls THE BLONDE extraordinary.

PERSON OF INTEREST continues to garner fans. Oline H. Cogdill at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel includes it as one of the best mysteries of 2007. The Chicago Sun-Times agrees that POI is "riveting", and welcomes Theresa Schwegel back to Chicago from Los Angeles.

Paul Goat Allen (The Chicago Tribune) praises PERSON OF INTEREST as "Reminiscent of some of Joseph Wambaugh's most powerful works ("The New Centurions," "The Choirboys")... Theresa Schwegel's newest novel [is] her most accomplished yet. Aside from the novel's gritty realism and intense emotional intimacy, the numerous thematic subtleties make this blend of police procedural and suspense thriller eminently readable…"Person of Interest" is an indisputable crime fiction tour de force."

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