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May 8, 2007

Readers beware: you may develop a sudden fascination with shiny, patent leather. Victor Gischler has signed a very nice deal for two books with Zach Schisgal at Touchstone Fireside. In GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE, an ex-insurance salesman leads a small band of survivors through a post-apocalyptic American landscape in search of his ex-wife and a single cup of hot coffee and toward an epic battle to save a new world.

"Sentence for polished sentence, no one in the genre writes better" (Kirkus) than Michael Koryta, who scored *Starred* Reviews for his newest book, "top-notch thriller" (Booklist) A WELCOME GRAVE.

Library Journal calls it "the best entry yet in Kortya's 'Lincoln Perry' private eye series (after Sorrow's Anthem )…This is a compelling novel with well-developed characters, fast pacing, and intricate plotting. The young Koryta, who won the SMP/PWA Prize for Best First PI Novel (for Tonight I Said Goodbye) at age 21, has proven that was no fluke; A Welcome Grave showcases his accomplished writing skills. Highly recommended for all mystery and crime fiction collections."

Publishers Weekly agrees. "Edgar-finalist Koryta stakes a claim as one of today’s pre-eminent crafters of contemporary hardboiled mysteries...his haunting writing and logical, sophisticated plotting rival that of established stalwarts like Loren Estleman."

THE MEN’S GUIDE TO THE WOMEN'S BATHROOM by Jo Barrett hits #2 on the Austin American-Statesman’s bestseller list.

Just in time for the summer, this fabulous book is “genuinely hilarious… Women will find themselves nodding 'been there done that' as the book unfolds…The author skillfully keeps the book on track throughout, without resorting to tacky, and providing a unique, witty, cute, fast-paced, and yes, classy tale that is fun to read. I knew it was that good, when I was sorry that I'd reached the last page.”

Romance Junkies join the conga line of excited fans too. "THE MEN’S GUIDE TO THE WOMEN’S BATHROOM is smart, funny, and oddly enough – dead on accurate. There are many laughs in the story centered on Claire’s antics and missteps, but I found myself cracking up even more at the ‘book excerpts’. They were funny because they’re true – we’ve all seen/heard/done the same things time and again on a visit to the ladies room. Claire is the perfect character to carry off this story – a little lost and immature despite her respectable lawyer status. She makes the struggling writer concept work, and she and Jake add some spice to the humor. All in all, this is an awesome debut by Jo Barrett, and I’m eager to read her next novel, KILLING CARLTON. "

In other media goodness, Elizabeth Somer tips us off on 5 supposedly healthy foods on The Today Show.

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