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May 22, 2007

Go fish

It's that time again, when the fish are dancing in the water and calling your name. Mark D. Williams showcases a classic hobby (and one of his passions!) in the newly published SO MANY FISH, SO LITTLE TIME.

The Trout Underground writes “William’s writing is entertaining and he’s clearly fished far more waters than most of us would consider “fair”… I’d look very, very hard at any future books by Mark Williams. I like his words.”

“If you’re the type who loves to drool over the endless fishing choices out there, the type who enjoys dreaming about secret honey holes both near and far, or maybe the type who has fished so many domestic and exotic locales that you’re on the look out for something new and exciting or maybe just overlooked," as The Tennessee Valley Angler is, "then this is the book for you… Williams’ stories are fun and often serve to get you in the mood of the place he’s talking about…One thing I have found the book useful for is introducing me to places I would have never thought about as fly fishing destinations.”

Musings of a Mad Fisherman says “I'll be adding this book to my list of tools.”

The Trout Zone is hooked. “So far it has been nearly impossible to put down…I already can tell that even when I've read it all, I will still sit down and spend time day dreaming and planning future fishing trips by looking through its pages."

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