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January 18, 2007

NY Times, part deux

Nope, it's not an echo you hear. The DHS team is just that good.

In Sunday's Book Review, Marilyn Stasio calls Theresa Schwegel one of a "few promising writers tooling up to give the genre its next generation of heroes. In her first novel, 'Officer Down,' Schwegel got inside the head of a female cop who earns her independence the hard way when she's suspected of killing her partner. PROBABLE CAUSE returns to this dark theme with its coming-of-age story about a third-generation Chicago police officer, 23-year-old Ray Weiss, who is ostracized by his fellow officers when he balks at participating in their shady deals with local merchants. Schwegel has no trouble winning sympathy for Ray, whose awed love for his emotionally distant father and idealistic faith in the honor of his job make him sweet as well as vulnerable. And while Schwegel skillfully tightens the plot screws that force Ray to develop his own code of ethics, she also has fun riding with the cops through the best and worst of Chicago's neighborhoods."

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