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January 3, 2007

The New York Times Book Review, no less!

"Sean Doolittle is another author who tends to fly under the radar, although his novels are stylishly written and refreshing in their quirky originality. Continuing the offbeat style of earlier books like "Burn" and "Dirt", THE CLEANUP is a noir thriller that takes nasty glee in putting a decent man in a terrible situation and watching him go to the dogs. We meet the good guy, a young cop named Matthew Worth, in an Omaha supermarket, where he's bagging groceries while keeping an eye out for shoplifters. Because good guys are always dumb things in noir thillers, Worth develops a crush on Gwen, a skittish checkout clerk shacked up with a two-bit crook who beats her. When Gwen kills this abusive brute, guess who volunteers to clean up the mess? Like the sweet chump he is, Worth makes one bad judgment call after the next in this black comedy, a terrifying nightmare seen from the inside - and absurdly funny when you're lucky enough to be just looking in."


Victor Gischler said...

Sean is my hero.


Koryta said...

I've never trusted Doolittle. Despite his casual, friendly attitude and love of single malt scotch, I always knew he was too much of a literary genius for me. This NY Times praise simply solidifies it...