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October 17, 2008

Razzle dazzle roll call

With Al Roker acting as sous chef on The Today Show, Chef Jon Bonnell demonstrated a succulent, grilled lobster with herb-infused olive oil.

Professor Tim Calkins' book, BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING PLANS, is "drawing raves" by top executives of major companies.

Reed Coleman's SOUL PATCH scored the 2008 Shamus Award at Bouchercon last weekend. That Moe Prager is one award-winning character!

THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, is officially in stores. Readers, young and young at heart, will enjoy F. Scott Fitzgerald - graphic novel style.

"The impending release of a movie version starring Brad Pitt has made this humorous tale, formerly among the least known of Fitzgerald's short stories, a hot property. DeFillippis and Weir's adaptation preserves the original's straight-faced tone describing the career of a man who begins life in his 70s and grows progressively younger…there's much to enjoy in this handsome little hardbound book. Cornell's sepia watercolor panels are especially clever at showing physical and emotional changes as Benjamin moves backward through life while America rolls forward for 70 years. A useful, gracefully written afterword by Donald G. Sheehy, professor of English, completes the volume nicely." - Publishers Weekly

Sci Fi Wire picks up on Gischler's Apocalypse In A Strip Club.

Mucho congrats for Michael Koryta, who has a shiny, new deal with Michael Pietsch at Little, Brown!

"THE LOST RIVER, a thriller with a supernatural twist, in which a filmmaker hired to document a wealthy man's hidden past unleashes the buried secrets of a town that was once America's most luxurious resort, to Michael Pietsch at Little, Brown, in a major deal, for three books, for publication in 2010".

J. D. Rhoades' "BREAKING COVER is a brilliant novel. Vivid, fascinating and action packed, this is a thriller that will no doubt leave one wanting more. Those who like their thrillers to be thought provoking and with bullets flying will love it. Let's hope that we get to see much more of Tony Wolf." (Reviewing the Evidence)

Elizabeth Somer offers The Today Show viewers some helpful tips for a healthy diet through the decades. Somer's new book -- a step-by-step guide to being happy, mentally sharp, and energized, while trimming and permanently managing weight -- will be published by Deb Brody at Harlequin.

The sassy and snappy Magic Trixie is up to her mischievous antics again in MAGIC TRIXIE SLEEPS OVER. This beautifully illustrated second installment by Jill Thompson is in stores on Oct. 21.

Variety reports on the very nice film sale for Boston Teran's GOD IS A BULLET:

Film rights for the thriller have been optioned by screenwriter Ehren Kruger (The Ring, Skeleton Key), who will co-produce with Daniel Bobker (The Brothers Grimm) and Bradley Bell.

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