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November 30, 2007

EW picks Schwegel

PERSON OF INTEREST is an “Entertainment Weekly Pick”!

"Chicago cop Craig McHugh is working undercover to expose a heroin ring; back home, his bored wife, Leslie, is tempted by a come-on from a friend of her teenage daughter's. Meanwhile, the daughter gets nabbed possessing a small amount of drugs. Theresa Schwegel, an Edgar winner for her debut, Officer Down, weaves these three subplots together not only for quickening suspense but also to achieve something more. She creates a portrait of a family in crisis, and her vivid characterizations — stressed husband, yearning wife, floundering daughter — lift the thriller plot of Person of Interest to literary-novel status." A-

Also in the cheering section is Harriet Klausner, who says "This exciting thriller will be on the short list for police procedural of the year as the action, some quite graphic, never slows down for even a paragraph. Besides a strong undercover subplot and a close look at the underbelly of the Windy City, the key that makes this a strong tale is a deep look at a cop whose keeps him away from his family leading to a dysfunctional relationship. Readers will seek Theresa Schwegel’s previous Chicago PD tales as they come highly recommended (see PROBABLE CAUSE and OFFICER DOWN)".

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