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October 18, 2006

Big love from Kirkus

"What looks like a routine traffic stop ends with Deputies Chris Hummel and Wade Childers shot to death. Lt. George Hastings, of St. Louis Homicide, might think the shooting was unpremeditated or drug-induced if a machine gun hadn't been the weapon. But the evidence suggests that the two victims were lured into a trap…Mike Dillon, the machine-gunner, has already executed his own driver in his determination to cover his tracks; and more murders will follow apace. The search for Dillon, who's hiding out from cops and criminals alike, will reveal deep fault lines in both communities—fractures Hunt traces as deftly as George Pelecanos.

Densely woven, economical and utterly assured. Relative newcomer Hunt plots like a veteran of urban warfare."
- Kirkus Reviews

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