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September 11, 2006

The love fest continues

Publisher's Weekly also shined its light on Sean Doolittle's newest one:

“The unlikely tale of an unsuccessful cop, a cute grocery check-out girl and her dead boyfriend gives Doolittle (Rain Dogs) plenty to chew on in his latest crime novel…. Doolittle has penned a character-driven yet suspenseful novel about choice and consequence, with a well-crafted lead and a narrative style that’s punchy and sincere. Though Worth’s motivation is sometimes unclear (even, at times, to himself), readers looking for a tense crime drama—hold the procedure—will enjoy getting inside the head of this well-meaning sad sack.”

And in more review news, find out why James Clar thinks this book "is a flat out pleasure to read.”

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Aldo said...

Hey David,

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs. This is too cool....

Sean deserves a wider audience and real good hardback deal.